What is hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting is a high-pressure drain cleaning designed to clear sewer line from stubborn clogs, tree roots and sludge. It operates by shooting highly pressurized water and blasts away all the debris and sludge accumulated in your sewer line over the years. In fact, it can make your sewer line as good as brand new!

The way hydrojetter works
What are the main benefits of hydrojetting?
  • It does not just unclog, it actually cleans the pipe.
  • It’s more cost effective. Water jetting is so thorough you won’t require multiple treatments for the same clog.
  • Removes grease, dirt, sludge that is impossible to get rid of with standard rodding.
  • Environmentally safe – no chemical solutions are required.
  • Prevents buildup of clogs for a longer period of time.

Water jetting is ideal for cleaning drain and sewer lines with stubborn blockages, such as concrete or roots. These obstructions often lead to system backup and overflow, both of which can cause damage to your home. Hydrojetting equipment is powerful enough to break up and flush out these materials from the line, allowing water and other materials to flow through it once again.

Hydrojetting as preventative measure.

If your main sewer line is cleaned periodically, it is very unlikely to accumulate debris and, eventually, clog or damage the pipe. We recommend cleaning main sewer line yearly as a preventative measure to make sure your main sewer line is clean and potentially save a lot of money on expensive sewer repairs.

If you are experiencing main sewer line problem or if you haven’t serviced it in over a year give us a call and we will clear your pipes of any obstruction using our brand new jetting equipment!