May 11

5 Main Benefits of Hydrojetting

We are excited to announce that First Chicago Plumbing is now offering Hydrojetting services! What is hydrojetting? Hydrojetting is a high-pressure drain cleaning designed to clear sewer line from stubborn clogs, tree roots and sludge. It operates by shooting highly pressurized water and blasts away all the debris and sludge

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Jan 18

Fixing a Leaky Faucet

Photo by Jos Speetjens on Unsplash A leaky faucet is annoying, and an expensive annoyance at that. Overtime, faucet leaks, including small drops, can lead to wasted water, potential water damage, and higher water bills. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to fix a leaky faucet! Just follow these basic steps to put an

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Dec 18

Things You Should Never Flush In the Toilet

You jiggle the handle on the toilet, silently praying that the water level will lower — it doesn’t. That’s when you grab the plunger and hope for the best. But is there a way to prevent a clogged toilet? It turns out, yes! Toilets are designed for body waste, yet

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Nov 30

Signs of a Gas Leak

Gas leaks are a scary and, unfortunately, relatively common problem.  Over 65 million homes in the United States use natural gas or liquid propane in order to power stoves, ovens, water heaters, and more. While natural gas is one of the safest and cleanest fossil fuels, its highly combustible nature

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Oct 29

Extending the Life of Your Tank Water Heater

While you may not think about it on a daily basis, your water heater is a crucial part of your everyday life. Imagine taking cold showers every day or trying to scrub away last night’s lasagna without the help of hot water. By taking care of your water heater, you

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Oct 08

Is Water Leaking Through Your Ceiling?

You’re sitting at your kitchen table and feel a raindrop on the top of your head. “That can’t be right,” you think. You look up to find a small but steady drip of water leaking from your ceiling. While a leaking ceiling can be alarming, there’s no need to panic.

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Sep 04

The Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

Sometimes referred to as an “on-demand” unit or an instant hot water heater, tankless water heaters take up less storage space and are considered an upgrade for every home. With a tankless water heater, cold water will travel through a pipe and into the heater, where it is then heated

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Jul 02

Flooded Basement

You walk downstairs to grab the laundry, and when your foot hits the bottom step, you know something is wrong. You flick on the light to discover water pooling across the entirety of your basement. You panic and are unsure of where to start. In the event of flooding in

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Jun 25

Clogged Toilet

We’ve all been there. You walk into your bathroom, lift the toilet lid, and discover whoever flushed the toilet before you didn’t do the best job. The toilet is clogged, and now you’re left to deal with the mess. While clogged toilets are bound to happen at some point, they

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