Bacteria and Viruses

When your water becomes contaminated, it doesn’t only become unpleasant to shower or pour a glass of water; it becomes hazardous to your health. You use water to do almost everything. You use water to shower, to brush your teeth, to cook, and to wash dishes. A whole house water filter will prevent most bacteria and viruses from infiltrating the water in your home.

Chalky Deposits

If your water is considered “hard,” you are most likely no stranger to chalky stains that are a result from calcium and magnesium ions. You may notice these chalky stains, or white residue, on faucets, toilets, or even your shower curtain. While annoying, this residue can also cause plumbing problems. If it builds up, it can reduce both the speed of water flow and the efficiency of appliances.

Old used cartridges for a water filter on a gray background. Soft focus.

Drinking Water

Having a whole house water filter system installed in your home means know running water through a filter and waiting for it to pour; that step has already been done! Safely enjoy fresh, clean water straight from the tap.

Iron and Manganese Stains

Iron and manganese stains range from black to brown to red to orange to tan to yellow in color. You may notice these stains on any appliance that utilizes water, including the sink, toilet, tub, and even your clothes after washing them. A whole house water filter system can prevent iron or manganese deposits from building up.

Not only does a whole house water filter system ensure that your home has safe, clean, fresh water, but it also is convenient. If you have questions about how this system could benefit your household, contact First Chicago Plumbing. With over 20 years of experience, we can answer any questions you may have. Just give us a call at (773) 661-7969.