Inside Perimeter

Physically searching for the main water shut off valve in your house is the best way to find it. Since water first enters your home from the outside, it’s typically located on the perimeter of your house. And because the water main begins at the street, you’ll often find the main water shut off valve on the side of your house that is facing the street. It should look like a knob or, occasionally, a knife-style valve.

Property Inspection Report

If you’ve searched the inside perimeter and are still coming up short, it can be helpful to check your property’s inspection report. Locate the plumbing section inside of the report; it should detail exactly where the main shut off valve for your home is. Occasionally, it will even include a picture!

Water gauge pressure, hand shut off main valve, close-up.

Streetside Shut Off Valve

If both physically searching the inside perimeter and your property’s inspection report fails you, you can always locate the streetside shut off valve. This is located at the beginning of the water main, often where your property meets the street or sidewalk. You should see a ground-level utility box. The box will indicate whether or not you can turn the valve off yourself or if you need to call the water company’s contact line.

Shutting off the Valve

Once you’ve located the main water shut off valve for your property, turning it off is easy. Your valve will have one of two setups:

  • Round Handle Valve: This type of valve is similar to the faucet you might find on your hose. The round handle should be turned counter-clockwise several times until you meet resistance.
  • Knife Style Valve: This valve looks like a straight line. To turn it off, simply give the handle a quarter turn.

If you’re having difficulty locating your property’s main water shut off valve, you can always contact the affordable plumbing experts at First Chicago Plumbing. We’re more than happy to help you locate and shut off the valve. To learn more about our services, simply give us a call at (773) 661-7969 or contact us online.