You walk downstairs to grab the laundry, and when your foot hits the bottom step, you know something is wrong. You flick on the light to discover water pooling across the entirety of your basement. You panic and are unsure of where to start. In the event of flooding in your basement, First Chicago Plumbing can help you handle it. 

In Case of a Flood

Don’t panic. If there is flooding in your basement, it is best to act quickly. First, shut off all power to the area. Then, survey the scene to see if you can identify where the water is coming from. If it is due to a storm, it’s best to wait until the storm has passed before you attempt to remedy the situation. If the flooding is due to a sump pump or burst pipe, contact a professional immediately.

Preventing Flooding

While no one wants flooding in their basement, it’s always best to plan for the unexpected. Installing a check valve or flood guards can help prevent flood damage. 

Installing a Check Valve

A check valve is, quite simply, your first line of defense against any backflow coming from your pumping system. Backflow is when water travels the wrong way through your sump pump, which can cause your pump to cycle improperly. Not only can this lead to eventual burnout for your sump pump, but it can also cause flooding. 

A check valve attaches to the discharge line in order to keep backflow from occurring. This reduces sump pump maintenance and failure, as well as increases the life of your sump pump. At First Chicago Plumbing, we always recommend installing a check valve as it can prevent you from costly replacements and flood damage.  

Installing Flood Guards

Similar to a check valve, flood guards can also prevent flooding from occurring in your basement. Flood guards will seal off any water backup that is caused by overloaded sewers; a flood guard will rise to seal off the drain opening until the water begins to recede. This simple tool can prevent you from paying thousands in flood damage. 

By installing both a check valve and floor guards, you can prevent flooding in your basement. In the event of emergencies, First Chicago Plumbing is always here to help. With over 20 years of experience, we are one of Chicago’s top providers of plumbing repair services, as well as sewer and drain cleaning services. To learn more, give us a call at (773) 661-7969.