Garbage disposal is a relatively new invention. Very quickly it became one of the irreplaceable kitchen appliances. It’s small, inexpensive, convenient and very easy to use.
What to do when your garbage disposal stops working? Try these 4 simple steps before calling a plumber.

1. Check if the garbage disposal is plugged in


It’s a basic step that you want to do with any electric appliance. While this step might seem way too simple, just look under your kitchen sink. I bet there are some cleaners or sprays or even trash basket. The outlet might get pushed or knocked by one of these, and you won’t even notice it. Just plug an appliance back in – and the problem is solved!

2. Press the reset button

If your unit is securely plugged in, try hitting the reset button. You can find it either on the side or bottom of the disposal. If you’re having a hard time finding it, try to look it up in the manual. One firm press on it should do the trick.

3. If you hear humming sound, there might be a foreign object stuck inside

When there’s something stuck between the blades of the appliance, they are not able to rotate. That is why it’s making a humming noise. Now, make sure your garbage disposal in UNPLUGGED and completely OFF, before proceeding to the next step. Simply put your hand in the drain hole and try to take out that object. It can be anything from a piece of glass or ring to a full sized fork.

 If you are not able to find any object, get an Allan wrench. It can be one, that came with you disposal, or you can obtain it at any home store. Just place it in the breaker socket, which is usually on the bottom, and turn it back and forth. This method might help you to rotate the blades manually and free a stuck item.

4. Consider replacement

If any of those options did not help you resolve an issue, most likely your garbage disposal needs to be replaced. Before you call a plumber, try to reach to the manufacturer and see if your unit is still under warranty. Just make sure to have a serial number ready for them. You can find it on the sticker on the side of your garbage disposal.

If you want your garbage disposal to last longer, take good care of it. Do not throw big pieces of food. Do not treat it as a trash can. It is designed to grind small soft food bits, that usually stay in the sink.

And of course, when choosing a new garbage disposal, make sure to get a good quality unit with warranty.

If you want a professional plumber to diagnose or even replace your garbage disposal, do not hesitate to contact us