The last thing you want is an increase in any of your utility bills. Luckily, if your water bill increases, it’s usually relatively easy to lower. Water bill increases are often a result of changes in your water use or a leak somewhere in your home. This can be anything from a dripping faucet to excessively watering your lawn. First Chicago Plumbing can help you get a lower water bill.

Increased Water Use

The most obvious reason for a higher water bill is an increase in your water usage. Think back over the last month and ask yourself if you used more water than normal. Did you do more loads of laundry? Did you indulge in a few baths? Was your dishwasher seemingly always running? Did you water your lawn more than normal? These could all account for an increase in your water bill.


Money coins fall out of the golden tap

Leaks can also cause your water bill to increase. Often going unnoticed, leaks can steadily drip away — something that you’ll feel in your wallet. It can be helpful to routinely check your faucet, toilets, outside taps, and irrigation lines for leaks.

Toilet and Faucet Leaks

The most common leak comes from either your toilet or faucets. Is your toilet always running? This can also negatively impact your water bill; a continuously running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water a day! If you think you have a toilet leak, there’s a quick do-it-yourself assessment you can perform.

  1. Take off the lid of the toilet’s tank.
  2. Flush the toilet, and wait for it to fully refill.
  3. Place a few drops of dye or a colored dye tablet in the tank.
  4. Wait at least 20 minutes. If you suspect the leak is small, wait up to an hour.
  5. If any color is in the toilet bowl, you have a leak.

Outdoor and Underground Leaks

Less noticeable are outdoor and underground leaks. This can include the pipes that run under your house or in the service line between your house and the water meter. Look for leaks in crawl spaces and outdoor spigots, and check your lawn for any overly wet spots.

Getting a lower water bill is simple. In fact, it’s as easy as calling a plumber! First Chicago Plumber has provided custom plumbing solutions and services for over 20 years and would love to help you find the source of your increased water bill. To learn more about our services, just give us a call at (773) 661-7969.